Sunday, January 25, 2009

writer's block prompt ( borrowed from lj )

Even if you're not actively eavesdropping, you can hear some interesting things. What's the best conversation you've ever overheard?

There's a tie and Anna was involved with both.

There was the infamous overheard Target conversation that I think will be quoted forever. We were wandering around the toy/seasonal department as a mother and her tweenage brood passed. I don't know if it counts as overhearing someone when they're shouting at their children but needless to say, we heard her loud and clear.

"Can we get batteries? I need some batteries."

"No! We're not getting batteries today!"

"Oh, what about sunscreen? I need sunscreen, Mom"

"No!! We have sunscreen at home!"

The next awesome conversation I overheard was between two kids, maybe somewhere between the ages of 8-11. They were ahead of Anna and I while we were in line to return something at WalMart. The older kid turns to the younger and...

"What's the most money you've ever found?"

"Like on the ground or in a bush?"

"On the ground.. or in a bush."

"Like... four dollars."

"I found twenty dollars in a bush."

"Really? Wow.."

First off, older kid is totally lying. He asked first so that he could boast a larger amount than the younger kid. Secondly, I love the categories. Money found on the ground.. money found in a bush.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

things that might appear in my stand-up one day.

Local news shows are truly intolerable.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

auld lang syne.

Of all the New Year's parties we've thrown, I think last night was one of the best. This is probably for a couple of reasons:

  • We have the coolest friends in the world, therefore success is guaranteed.
  • Tuesday night's trip to Party City yeilded a bounty of decorations, hats, noisemakers and other party-enhancing accessories.
  • There was an insane amount of awesome food. From mini burgers for the carnivorous crowd to some spicy vegan chilli, there was something for everyone.
  • Sweet, sweet playlist put together by Matt.
  • There was an equally crazy amount of adult beverages. Anna invented and in the same night perfected her recipe for Peppermint Dickables (frozen peppermint martini mix + vodka + chocolate milk). My drink of choice was Diet Pepsi with UV Cherry Vodka. It was amazing and at the same time it was dangerous because I couldn't taste the alcohol at all.
  • Pick up games of party balloon volleyball.
  • The start of a brand new challenge: Pass the Hot Dog Toaster. Check your mailbox, it may be headed your way.
  • Another year of laughter when the exploited Dick Clark falls off the countdown by at least a second or more.
  • Anna's Party Crackers which produced paper hats and weird, small toys that included butterfly balls, a frog and a pink over-sized paperclip.
It was a freakin' fantastic night. We did Oxford University Christmas before the party which includes the annual "Dollar Store Secret Santa Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza" followed by present opening. That's the third Christmas Matt and I have done this year and we still have two more to do this weekend when we go to Kingston to see my folks for the holiday. This was a trip that was supposed to happen the weekend before Christmas but that got snowed out. So we're heading down after work tomorrow for the weekend.

2008 is gone and long live 2009! This past year had it's ups and downs. Getting married and getting laid off seem to be the best examples of each of those respectively and we've enjoyed the good and worked through the bad. It's worked out, more or less.

2009 is going to be packed with awesome:
  • Tim & Eric at the Town Ballroom in a few weeks
  • Updating the bathroom this winter
  • Louis CK in Verona in Feb
  • Williamsburg with the fam in June
  • Three weddings (so far) to come
  • Everything's booked for Comic Con in SD this July
  • All the awesome stuff that's just not plotted out yet
As for resolutions, I just have one. It's kind of all encompassing. I'm calling it my Superman resolution. It isn't based completely on comic nerd-itry. I figure if I have to Clark Kent it for eight hours a day, five days a week I need to really make something out of the rest of the time. My office/studio is coming together and I want to get back into all the fun, creative stuff I used to do on my own but fell out of. My print Gocco is dying (they stopped making the supplies), so I want to learn to screen print. I need to be creatively challenged and I think that and some other things will sate that need. I want to do more things with my friends and family. They keep me sane and the time spent with them are the best times I have. I want to focus on what's truly important to me. Getting healthier, happier and overall enjoying the ride by not forgetting that it is just that.